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These natural fiber socks from NSFT are knit with a unique, exotic yarn blended from naturally grown fiber from 6 Minnesota farms. Fiber content of the socks contains: 41% wool, 30% alpaca, 7% angora mohair, 2% Tibetan yak, 20% plant fiber Lyocel – resilient as nylon but made from Eucalyptus!

Member Farms

  • Clear Spring Farm – Yaks produce a luxurious fiber that is 30% warmer than wool, lanolin free and almost twice as breathable as cashmere.
  • Lykkeligsted Farm – Angora goat fiber, mohair, is known for its luster, durability, length and versatility.
  • Prairie Plum Farm – Many generations of breeding and selection have resulted in a wool that gets its “cushiness” and resistance from felting from the Babydolls and the sheen, greater fiber length and softness from the Finns.
  • Red Gate Alpaca Farm – The national champion Suri Alpacas on this farm are draped in long, lustrous, silky locks.
  • Windswept Hill Farm – This farm is helping save the gentle British Leicester Longwool breed and their distinctive, spiraling, strong and lustrous wool with other Liverstock Conservancy farms.
  • Frosty Acres Alpacas – Huacaya Alpaca fiber features soft, warm, fluffy fiber with crimp.

Why Hand Washing is Important!

If you hand-wash these socks (not the washing machine!) they will last a long, long time. Animal fiber is naturally strong, resilient, warm, repels water, breathes, wicks moisture & is biodegradable. Under a microscope each fiber is covered in tiny scales that link together when rubbed together, like a zip tie, especially in water and soap. Scales are a perfect design to make felt or to shrink a natural fiber product to a smaller size. Mass-produced garments made with natural fiber that is also machine washable had all the scales removed with chlorine gas and then coated in plastic. Seriously. We didn’t do that. Your socks were made the good, old-fashioned way and that’s why you need to gently wash them the old school way. Compare these with the other socks you own and let us know how they compare. We hope they become your first choice & stay that way!

Sue’s Secrets for Handwashing Success

Shepherdess Sue Wiegrefe of Prairie Plum Farm offers these simple steps to make your
socks last a long, long time:

  1. Gently pat to force sudsy water through socks – don’t scrub or wring.
  2. Repeat with rinse water.
  3. Press between layers of towel to remove majority of water. Dry flat.

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Large (womens 9-11, mens 8.5-10.5), Medium (womens 6.5-8.5, mens 6-8), Small (womens 4-6), XL (mens 11-13)


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