Prairie Plum Farm

Mabel, Minnesota

About Our Farm

Prairie Plum Farm is a tiny plot of 14.5 acres of rolling terrain in the Bluff Country of southeastern Minnesota where owner and shepherdess Sue Wiegrefe’s mission is to “nurture the land, protect the watershed, and work with nature to produce wholesome food and a regenerative experience for inhabitants and visitors.” 


Building on the wonderful legacy of the Amish previous owners, Sue is integrating livestock and plants  to minimize expenses and waste. Her Babydoll Southdown and Finn x Babydoll sheep graze the orchards and pastures and, eventually, her hazelnut and elderberry plantings. Future plans include acquiring a food processing license and providing classes on heritage crafts, including fiber processing and sustainable farming practices.


Her farm is open by appointment and her website includes a listing of animals for sale (or reservation of lambs!) for those wishing to start a flock for their own wool supply, for show, mowing, or just for pets.


  • Babydoll and Finn x Sheep products including natural raw fleece, processed fiber & roving
  • Artisan handcrafts
  • Live lambs 
  • Farm-raised food products including a delicious variety of apple and pear preserves spiced with special blends