Clear Spring Farm

About Our Farm

Minnesota’s largest registered herd of Royal and Trim Tibetan Yak roam 40 pastoral acres of Clear Spring Farm thanks to Hugh and Melodee Smith’s passion for the gentle animals. Like the Tibetan people who have revered yak for centuries as hardy companions that sustain life with milk, fiber, meat, and transportation in the high elevations of their native country, the animals have transformed Smiths’ lives and the farm they bought in 2012. From a starter herd of seven they now care for 35 bulls, cows, calves, and steers. Visitors enjoy bottle-feeding and handling calves to help them accept routines of daily care, veterinary checks, and spring combing to harvest their prized fiber. Luxurious and soft as cashmere, yak fiber boasts superior warmth, strength, and hypoallergenic traits. An entire season of hand-combing delivers about 20 lbs. of fiber before processing separates the hard guard hairs from the fiber. The remaining 10 lbs. is spun into fine yarns that are coveted the world over.  



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