Holly Ridge Farm

About Our Farm

High atop the Rush River Valley, Holly Ridge Farm sits a short drive past the Mississippi River.  Rick & Patti Dougherty were drawn to rural life by a shared philosophy to live simply and sustainably. They built a certified Wisconsin Green Built Home for themselves, a barn and pastures for a flock of Leicester Longwool Sheep and Toggenburg Goats, dedicated expansive acreage to native prairie, an orchard and gardens. 


Take an enjoyable walk through the prairie where Patti harvests Goldenrod, Bark and other farm-sourced plants for a health-conscious alternative to fiber dyes. She will host show-and-tell demonstrations during tour weekend. Shop fresh, raw fleece, luxurious and long, from the rare Leicester sheep, or natural and plant-dyed yarns. Buy apples by the pound, canned jams, homemade baked goods, and produce.