Cultural Cloth

Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

About Our Farm

Don’t miss a stop at Cultural Cloth, located on the Great River Road along the West Coast of Wisconsin in the quaint village of Maiden Rock. 

Co-owners Mary Anne Wise and Jody Slocum are textile artists who wove custom rugs professionally before combining their love of travel to countries with living textile traditions with their entrepreneurial commitment to opening markets to women artists. 

What started in Guatemala in 2009 expanded into an artisan-based non-profit organization to help artisans earn money through the sale of exquisite hand work.  

This year, Cultural Cloth earned a Global Impact Award from the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe, NM for their transformative work. 


Explore an ever-changing inventory of one-of-a-kind distinctive home décor items and personal accessories. See the vibrant colors and rich detail, feel the texture of the hooked and embroidered pieces; appreciate fine craftsmanship, diversity and rich heritage behind each product. Every purchase helps sustain lives, with each unique piece supporting women’s economic independence.